K&S Tools & Accessories are geared toward the Hobby Industry.

It is not intended for industrial or manufacturing usage.

Why does the label say "Not for sale in California"?

This pertains to the California regulation called Prop 65. If you need more information on this matter please visit http://oehha.ca.gov/prop65/background/p65plain.html


(Please view our HOW TO VIDEOS to see how some of our accessories perform)

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 Taps, Dies, Handles & More





 The taps and dies are constructed of high quality tungsten steel.  The tap handle has a sliding T-handle. The die handle has a set screw to hold die securely. Taps and Dies are also available in metric sizes 2mm die, 2.5mm die, 3mm die, 4mm die, 5mm die, 2mm tap, 2.5mm tap, 3mm tap, 4mm tap, & 5 mm tap.  


Threading Dies and Taps


 Stock Number: Threading Dies

Stock Number: Taps 
















 Die Stock Handle


 Tap Handle 434

 2 MM



 2.5 MM



 3 MM



 4 MM



 5 MM



A must for the scratch builder, modeler, etc. The threading dies compliment the taps and vice versa. All items are sold separately.


Assortment Packages

                       (Stock #707)                                                                         (Stock #320)

 Stock Number



- Provides a small assortment of many different sizes of K & S tubing and shapes

- An ideal assortment for scratch building and handy in every workshop


- An assortment of brass, copper, stainless, and aluminum (each bang differs in content)

- Packaged in polybags

- A necessity for modelers, scratch builders, etc

- Contains tubing, rods, strips & shims


Hobby Soldering Tools

Video of HOW TO SOLDER is found on the HOW TO VIDEO page

 Stock Number Description


Gun provides 100 watts capacity, heat instantly


Iron has a capacity of 60 watts, heavy duty


Blade and point replacement tips, 60 watts


Iron has capacity of 30 watts, light weight pencil type


Blade and point replacement tips, 30 watts


Sta-Flex Fuel Line

 Stock Number



 Small  .125 od x .065 id


 Medium  .190 od x .110 id


 Large  .230 od x .130 id

A  transparent hobby fuel line that is very flexible.  The best buy in hobby fuel line available anywhere.  Available in three sizes.  (May harden over time)


Needle Files - Stock Number 430

 Stock Number Description


Needle Files


A complete set of 10 different fine jeweler filers for every hobby and craft use. This file set features round handled files of tough tempered steel. The files come in a handy pouch for easy storage.


                                     Stock Number 305 Alligator Clips

4 alligator clips packaged together on one card.


Tubing Tools

Stock Number 296 Tubing Cutter

Tubing Cutter handles round brass, aluminum, and copper up to 5/8 inches O.D.  Nylon body helps reduce friction. (video on How To Video Page)

Stock Number 321 Tubing Bender

Tubing Benders handle sizes 1/16"  to 3/16 inches O.D. Five benders per package.  Bends aluminum, brass, and copper tubing.


Precision Metal Saw #295

The saw is designed especially for cutting tubing and small metals shapes of brass and copper.  There are 52 teeth per inch which is incredibly good for extremely fine cutting.

The saw is complete with handle and is attractively packaged in plastic blister pack.  This tool is ideal for hobby, home and shop use.

Replacement blades are available from local Hobby suppliers.


Clear Plastic Sheets 8.5" x 11"

 Stock Number








Handy 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of clear plastic.  Used for Canopies, Windows, Windshields, etc.  Available in three thickness to fit your every need.  Two pieces per bag. 


Hobby Hammer -#6506

The hobby hammer comes with a extendable magnetic pick-up, flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, strong steel hammer head and a cool camo design.


Hobby Drill- #6504

The hobby drill is battery operated, lightweight yet powerful.  Only one speed to be used for etching, woodwork, embossing, drilling, sanding and more!  Comes in a cool camouflage print.  We also have available in flower print as well!   Drill comes with stylus, etching & drilling bit, 2 sanding disk and 3 different chucks.